Maritime Digital Works

Providing professional, relevant & result oriented training to sailing staff is no mean task. Especially when it eats away into the spare time of the already over worked seafarers. How can we engage with the seafarers without carrying the burden of “teaching”? Is it possible for the seafarer to “learn” without being “taught”?

eDOT’s Maritime Digital Works Studio is dedicated to developing programmes for the seafarers where Learning is a Culture; where the seafarers are engaged, yet relaxed while immersing in media which is creative, enjoyable, yet effective in sharpening their skills in the nuances of the trade.


video editing

Video/Audio Editing

Post-production and sequencing of audio/visual footages.


Custom 2D/3D Animation

Moving imagery created to depict assets in 2 or 3 dimensional modes.

prooduct demo

Product Demo/Walkthrough

Introductory presentations that showcase characteristic features of the product.

vr glasses

VR/MR/AR Experience

A view of the real world— physical world— with overlay of digital elements.

Made by Experience

Learning from videos is not new to the shipping industry & it is undeniable that video learning is a great medium. However, the crux of the matter is enjoying the media and yet learning from it. Hence, instead of looking at videos as individual tools, we at eDOT Solution’s, focus on developing an innovative digital media-based culture of learning, where short films, podcasts, comic strips and more shall facilitate learning through effective and enjoyable media.

Guided by the industry experts, the eDOT team develops bespoke or 2D & 3D animation & footage based videos, interactive digital content, podcasts & engaging comic strips for learners.

eDOT provides disruptive innovations whilst revolutionising the medium of maritime training delivery.
Making It Happen

We deliver creative efficiency for all our clients, regardless of the challenges, timescales and budgets.

Some of the work eDOT is engaged in is converting the following into enjoyable digital assets.

Tools and Technologies