"It's not about the company you work for; it's about the people you work with."

Careers At eDOT

We call ourselves eDOTians & here are some of our core philosophies
“Tension & talent don’t survive together – we are confident that we have abundance of talent”
“A balanced life – gets the best out of us”
“Enjoy the journey...enjoy each day... goals will simply follow!!”

At eDOT, we are allowed to explore ourselves, realizing what we are great at... Adapting to changing technology has always been our strongest virtue.. Creating a tension free work environment is our focus... Coupling sports with other outdoor activities like picnics and social visits and regular parties helps creates great friendships and an exceptional work culture. All of this with ruthlessly, uncompromising, scrupulous Integrity!!! Come... Become a happy eDOTian !!!

Facets of Life at eDOT

Current Opportunities

Current Opportunities