D2M Business Management

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The Client

“D2M” as a business venture is a company newly established in November 2017 however the ideology and practices behind this venture have been in existence for last 10 years in Singapore.

Screen-shot of the D2M Business Management Website

The Challenge

Introduction of D2M, as event managers, into the Singapore corporate houses.

The Answer

eDOT developed a web-based app to Create customized promotional events for companies located in Singapore. This helped D2M to maintain client proximity, helping in business continuity and expansion. Other features developed include Sub vendor or Supplier evaluation.
An extensive “Know the Client” process is executed which help D2M to connect and manage various customers, mainly from the shipping fraternities like Ship Owners, Managers, Charterers, Agents and Operators.
This web application helps to meet growing requirements of a multitude of services and products for the Marine Industry, overcoming hurdles in marketing business to the appropriate audience and access to key decision makers.