Domain: GIS Services


Application: myZyp - a Micro-Tagging App

Business Problem

In a world technologically driven, full of innovations like drones and self-driven cars, the traditional long form address becomes obsolete. Pin-pointing any location should be a matter of seconds regardless of the remoteness of the location.


eDOT developed an innovative and future-ready app, myZyp (available on Play Store and App Store), that can accurately tag any location on Earth and store all relevant information related with it. The interface is user friendly and the tags are shareable, much in tune with the social lifestyle of today. myZyp is also closely integrated with popular navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze. Have a look here and be amazed.

Screen-shot of the myzyp app.

We pioneered your unique and patented “&” digital address – the first e-address solution!