Domain: Marine


Application: eDOT Coil Loader App

Business Problem

The shipping industry, including P&I Clubs, suffers losses running to the tune of millions of dollars every year on account of steel cargo claims; primarily because the condition of cargo is not appropriately noted. Ships face huge delays in ports because of discrepancies and conflicts in tallying quantities between different parties.


The eDOT Coil Loader App ensures the precise & accurate description of each coil by using standard & accepted terminology, corroborated by actual photos. A dynamic tally of loaded coils, validated with relevant packing lists, together with loaded positions, is made available in real time. This eliminates the possibility of human errors during the tally process where each entry may be validated only after the end of shift.
A search functionality allows locating coils just by entering the batch number with the option to generate customizable reports from available data.

Screen-shot of the Coil-Loader app.

We made sense of the high value cargo claims – Proficiency with accountability!