"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

About e-DOT

Born in 2004, eDOT developed the first advanced digital marine barge tracking system for the rivers of Goa – much before the advent of commercial GPS & GPRS solutions. We have never looked back since.

Today, the eDOT team is made up of an experienced and passionate bunch of maritime professionals, developers, designers, and UX researchers with deep insight into data, technology, and business. The team has grown, with offices in Goa - India, as well as in Philadelphia and Houston in the United States & in Singapore. While the eDOT strength has grown, the core team of 2004 has remained intact, as has the philosophy of scrupulous integrity, complete transparency & ruthless planning, which works in delivering projects on time – all the time – all of which in keeping with the NO TENSION & ALL TALENT work environment. The eDOT guiding principle - Success follows Happiness, rather than the other way round.

Meet Some of The Key Members

Capt.Ruchin Dayal

Capt. Ruchin Dayal

Founder and CEO Master Mariner (MMI), FIIMS, AFNI, MAIMS, AMS-SAMS

A Master Mariner by profession, an old sea dog, committed to creating the eDOT team into a value proposition for every partner & client. His mantra - “Make things simple rather than overly technical - reach common perceptions – set transparent milestones – always act with intent, empathy & scrupulous integrity”

Richard Fernandes

Richard Fernandes

Founder Member and Technical-Head Certified lead auditor – ISO 27001:2013

With almost 16 years in the company, is responsible for its present standing – from setting up servers to networks to the latest hybrid app development tools, Richard has been there and done it all. One of the pillars of eDOT, a forward-thinking technocrat.

Michelle D'Silva

Michelle Fernandes

Head - Project Delivery Certified lead auditor – ISO 27001:2013

With a plethora of experience in MNC’s, Michelle manages the Project delivery at eDOT. She micromanages the SSNet Cyber Security essentials, customizing the same to client requirements. Her motto – no compromise on user experience.

Lorinda Carvalho

Lorinda Carvalho

Founder Member, HR-Head Certified lead auditor – ISO 27001:2013

Founder member of eDOT, with 16 years in the company and contributing to everything from infrastructure to resource contracts to banking, Lorinda is an integral part of the company. She handles all HR related engagements.

Shreya shirodkar

Shreya Shirodkar

Senior Project Manager, App/Web

A prodigy recognized by eDOT a decade ago, Shreya has gone on to complete her master’s in computer applications during her journey with the company. An absolute team player, Shreya mentors the freshers and handles their ups & downs in the technical maze. Shreya loves her work with abundant emotions & is one of the pillars of the company.

Devaki Pai

Devaki Pai

Head - Design/Video Production

An experienced management professional with a demonstrated history of working in diverse industries, Devaki is skilled in management, marketing, branding, visual strategy, and content development. Besides her content creation acumen, Devaki holds a professional degree in human resource management. She has also spearheaded a video marketing agency, with the aim to develop brand personalities and provide storytelling for businesses.

Rohit Messias

Rohit Messias

Head – Networks & Cyber Security EC Council certified Cyber Security Analyst ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Auditor ISA/IEC 62443 certified Cybersecurity Specialist

With over 15 years’ experience in the Networking field, Rohit leads the eDOT networking team – drawing up physical and logical plans, IT management onboard ships, remote trouble shooting and drawing up customised Functional Descriptive Diagrams (FDD’s) are his forte. A musician at heart , soft spoken with a calm demeanour, Rohit is also an avid technology enthusiast and contributes to the company’s contemporary Tech-stack.

Our Story

  1. eDOT-Solutions was founded

    eDOT Solutions was founded by Ruchin, Richard & Lorinda. Pioneers revolutionary barge tracking system, including a multilayer electronic conversion of river charts & tidal information.



  2. eDOT specializes in using Microsoft Technologies

    eDOT specializes in using Microsoft Technologies. Team works on range of highly scalable projects for clients across the world, including ticketing systems of a major airliner.

  3. eDOT developed own Content Management System

    eDOT develops own content management system. CMS used in super adaptable libraries hosting a range of Audio/Video training.

  4. Team size grows

    eDOT emerges as a successful off-shoring option for mid-level companies. The team size doubles; eDOT moves into a new office designed to perform to highest industry standards.

  5. eDOT establishes a dedicated training cell

    eDOT establishes a dedicated training cell for keeping the competencies of her resources in line with the fastest growing sector on the planet – software technology. Competency developed in Native iOS and Android Apps.

  6. eDOT team strength increases with QA and Management

    Team strength increases with QA and Management professionals joining the ranks. Use of extreme prototyping tools, project management aids, state of the art conferencing systems integrated.


  7. myZyp launched

    The First Commercial app built by eDOT in collaboration with ideawharf is launched. A patented system of defining a digital address is developed and deployed.



  8. eDOT Coil loader wins

    The eDOT Coil loader application wins the best innovation in the maritime sector award; awarded by the IIMS, UK (International Institute of Marine Surveying).


  9. eDOTs services sector ramps up

    eDOT’s services sector ramps up with proficiency in JIRA and TW. Tracking bugs and requirement changes made easier every day.


  10. eDOT develops IoT & AR projects

    eDOT ventures into AR, IoT, Animation and Graphics – proficiency developed in using Unity 3D, Vuforia, Java, Xcode swift.


  11. eDOT is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) & Mulesoft Certified

    We achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) certification for information security management systems (ISMS). We also achieved Mulesoft development certification, this is an industry standard for API Design, Development and Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).


  12. eDOT is ClassNK , BIMCO and ISO/21001:2018 Certified

    eDOT becomes BIMCO member and is working for NK-CSMS's consultation services, ClassNK-MET's certification of maritime education & training courses. eDOT achieves ISO 21001:2018 certification which provides management tools for organizations that offer professional training of products and services.

CSR Initiatives

eDOT Solutions will remain ever grateful for all its blessings & successes – an Attitude of Gratitude has got the company so far & the core philosophy of the company includes contributing towards the uplifting of the less fortunate.

Through the years, since its inception, eDOT has supported various organisations which undertake extremely challenging work, devoting their life towards looking after the needy & sick, providing hope & happiness. Such support is always channelled thru eDOTians, with frequent visits to supported institutions. While the effect sometimes is overwhelming, life smiles in gratitude, creating emotional growth.

eDOT & eDOTians are supporting Old-Age homes, have made annual donations to several orphanages, visited, and spent time at HIV centres & provide monthly relief to a shelter for the homeless with medicines.