Domain: Hospitality Services


The client

A leading world-wide chain of 5 Star hotels providing technical training and Event Technology support to its affiliates across the globe thus ensuring that the highest quality technical standards are maintained for client meetings and events. Through ongoing support and exclusive consultation services, member properties have achieved tremendous financial rewards and increased levels of customer satisfaction. eDOT has been associated with the client for over a decade, and over the years has developed numerous solutions for their growing business needs.

Application: Learning Management Portal

Business Problem

Training, certification and progress tracking of thousands of employees & contractors of a five-star hotel chain, in multiple languages, across the world, on sophisticated technology and set-up processes.


eDOT Solutions designed & developed an online e-learning portal that tracks, monitors, analyses, and updates required content with a highly flexible customized CMS.
With innovative features like multi-lingual web and mobile support, the e-learning system manages the complete life-cycle of training and learning, from content creation to final reports, to certification, each cycle being designed by analysis of data provide by client hotels.

Transforming learning into the experience, it’s meant to be: easy and fun!