Domain: Competency Management Program


The client

The Marine Surveying Academy Ltd (MSA), based in Portchester, Hampshire, UK, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Institute of Marine Surveying Ltd (IIMS). As an organisation, MSA is dedicated to providing the best quality marine skills-based training and accreditations certified by the IIMS.

Application: eCMID CPD App

Business Problem

The eCMID Accredited Vessel Inspector (AVI) Scheme requires its Inspectors to pursue a programme of Continuous Professional Development, thus enabling them to maintain their knowledge base, standards and competency levels proving to both the scheme managers and those who engage AVIs that they are current in the market place. The Continuous Professional Development programme has been endorsed by IMCA and is a mandatory requirement for Inspectors if they wish to maintain their accreditation.


The eCMID CPD is a simple app solution (available on Play Store and App Store) that enables members to view their up-to-date eCMID CPD score, simplifies the process of claiming points, displays current eCMID CPD Points table and facilitates contact with the eCMID CPD admin for assistance.

Screen-shot of the eCMID app