Cyber Security Dashboard

Domain: Shipping


Application: Cyber Security Dashboard

Business Problem

The maritime industry has been overtaken by technology, & while we are struggling to come to terms with it, cyber-attacks on maritime infrastructure are gaining critical momentum. Unfortunately, any type of technology has the potential to be used for malicious purposes. Cyber security awareness and culture is relatively new on the agenda of the maritime community, but it must be taken seriously to avoid catastrophic consequences. New legislations and over information from the industry is overwhelming the simple hardworking seafarer.

Command & Control Dashboard SSNet


eDOT considered IMO Res. 428, MSC-FAL. 1/Circ 3, Industry requirements, Class recommendations, ISO27001 policies, USCG requirements & created an exhaustive, yet seafarer friendly Cyber Security Management System, complete with its manual (CSMM), Training Manual, Contingency plan, Logical & Physical Network Plans. The eDOT CSMS is accepted by Class. The eDOT training is ISO 21001:2018 certified, as well as certified by ClassNK. This entire CSMS is consolidated into the SSNet tool - a Central Command & Control Software developed by eDOT Solutions.