We call ourselves eDOTians !!! Being an eDOTian isn’t about a job, its life, a vocation, finding a home away from home….

Chill out spaces for games like TT & carrom, fitness machines like treadmills, Yoga classes, TV & projector rooms, unlimited machined tea & coffee with snacks, dedicated dining spaces with microwave ovens & fridges – all ergonomically arranged and air conditioned. Not to forget great quality T-Shirts !!!

Pick up & drop – Vascoites even have an optional lunch trip !!!!

A home away from home indeed !!!



“Tension & talent don’t survive together & we are confident that we have abundance of talent, so why take tension”

“A balanced life – gets the best out of us”

“Enjoy the journey...enjoy each day...without worrying about outcomes - goals will simply follow!!”

“Success follows Happiness & NOT the other way round”

“eDOTians cultivate the Attitude of Gratitude”



At eDOT, we can explore ourselves, realizing what we are great at... Creating a tension free work environment is our focus...

Coupling work with sports & other outdoor activities like picnics and social & charity visits and regular parties helps creates great friendships and an exceptional work culture.

All of this with ruthlessly, uncompromising, scrupulous Integrity!!!



Focus has always been on overall growth – not just on technology.

Each eDOTian MUST believe that she/he is a future leader. eDOT will grow if eDOTians flourish.

eDOTians are encouraged to travel to foreign lands with the office – the focus being on growth – “If we don’t experience the life of the people who may be our clients, then how will we understand their point of view.”.

The last few years have seen eDOTians travel to the United States, United Kingdom, Dubai, Germany, Singapore, Japan & Korea.



eDOT Solutions are proud recipients of the prestigious Blue Water Award. Received by Richard, Michelle & Shreya in London…

The best maritime innovation – the steel coil loader was awarded by the IIMS UK

The MCC annual dinner ball is attended by few of the eDOTians each year in Singapore


Equal Opportunity

eDOT’s prime principals reside in equal opportunity – gender, religion, caste, surnames, age or home-states have no role to play at eDOT. Each member of the office is entrusted to keep these values alive in the everyday handling of affairs in the office, as well as act in a respectful and responsible manner when away from the office.

There is NIL tolerance for any discrimination, coercion, bullying or anything else which may create tension in the environment.

This is the eDOT Pledge !!!!

Join us… Join our family …..Come...